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PPC Expert in the Philippines

I’m a PPC Expert that focuses on your success in paid advertising. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both. As a PPC Expert/Specialist, I can help you to reach your business goals.

Richard Martin Linga


Expertise Area

I offer strategies specific to PPC services, like for advertising on Google & Bing or targeting users with remarketing, in addition to my PPC services. Get my PPC services now, or contact me as an experienced PPC Specialist about these different advertising options. As a result, In handling the number of campaigns managed and the client’s retention rate of 90%, I can say I am PPC Expert. Call me: +63 997 468 3087.

Paid Search Advertising

As a PPC Expert, you can earn a positive ROI through my PPC advertising services. Certainly, I will spend my clients’ money wisely and use the most targeted and cost-effective form of PPC advertising.

PPC Remarketing

I will help you engage users again who have expressed an interest in business and developing a strategy that will meet all your needs. Also, turn your valuable “clients” into “loyal customers”.

Display Advertising

I offer unique display advertising strategies to increase your brand exposure, engagement, and sales. In addition, I will manage both direct & responsive ad campaigns for your brand awareness.

Video Advertising

As a PPC expert in the Philippines. I’m here to help you get an advantage by creating video adverts that will increase your online presence, certainly your brand awareness.

My Skills

Technical Skills

Paid search advertising

ppc remarketing

display advertising

video advertising

How PPC Expert helps you Grow your Business?

Being a PPC Specialist, I’ll help you drive results and help you achieve your business goals. During the management of your PPC Campaign, I check it daily and monitor bidding and budgets to ensure that I’m maximizing your ROI.

With my PPC services, as a PPC Expert, my campaign strategies are intended to meet your needs and your market conditions through PPC advertising.

As a PPC Specialist, I consider my PPC services, is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. For Example, it allows you to reach your clients in what they’re looking, and gain information against your competitors.

PPC expert in the Philippines

Trusted PPC Expert in the Philippines

As a PPC Specialist or Expert, my PPC management services allow you to get the most out of your advertising campaigns, by considering every detail. In addition, I offer the best strategies for every business that allows you to find clients and match the goals you want to have for the advertising campaign.

For all PPC campaigns managed by me, as PPC Expert, you’ll get the latest in advertising strategies to help target a precise market. Especially, my campaigns utilize PPC ads such as text ad remarketing and banner remarketing to encourage previous visitors to convert.

As a PPC Expert, What do my PPC Services Include?

Choose my PPC services for your advertisement solution, receive an advertising solution to develop, manage, and improve your PPC strategy. After that, Partner with a PPC expert or a specialist like me, which brings over 5 years of experience to the PPC campaign that drives real results.

Let’s start with our PPC advertising services include:

  • Full Account setup,
  • Creative & Effective Ads & Extensions,
  • Full Auditing of Accounts,
  • Day to Day Optimization,
  • Reports,
  • Bidding Research before implementation,
  • Landing Page analysis,
  • Keyword Research & Optimizations,
  • Negative Keywords Research,
  • Conversion Tracking,
  • Search Ads,
  • Display Ads,
  • Improve campaign Quality Score,
  • Implementation of Re-Marketing Campaign

If you have questions about my ad management or PPC management services, contact me directly.


  • I will review your website carefully and understand the main product or services and which one of the ones you want to promote.
  • You can provide me your monthly budget, and I’ll manage the PPC bid process. The bid certainly, combined with your overall quality score, determine your ad’s placement on the page.
  • Most importantly, I’ll provide keywords and pick the most relevant terms, and also drives traffic at a lower cost.
  • Also, I’ll create suggested ads that are highly targeted to encourage visitors to click to get more traffic to your website.
  • I do persuasive call to action, special offer promotion, etc. for more engagement to our PPC management services.

Look for the Best PPC Expert in the Philippines!

As PPC Expert, I’ve worked with different clients on PPC campaigns that have driven meaningful results for their business.
When you choose me as your PPC Specialist, I will help you by increasing leads, conversion, and clicks monitoring, also, to set up and management of rule-based bidding.

The Best Option when you’re to Choose a PPC Expert

Transparent pay per click services pricing

I need to be transparent to form a strong relationship with my clients and to provide the best PPC management services with transparent pricing. You can see to my Pricing it starts at $550.

I help you Achieve Your Goals

To drive the best possible results for your business, I will help make you achieve your goals. I’ll do everything possible to ensure that your campaign goes above and beyond.

It saves you Valuable Time

Also, I will develop your PPC campaign and strategy, do advanced keyword research and selection, and even conduct an analysis of your website niche to ensure that we’re targeting the right people.

Providing Transparent ROI & Reporting

I can provide you statistics of your PPC campaigns, test your landing pages, and ensure that your keywords are effective at driving results to your PPC ad campaign.

Why you Should Work with PPC Expert?

PPC services are an ongoing project, it’s not just after you set it, you just leave it, rather it requires constant adjustments to see better results.

Looking for PPC Expert/Specialist to manage your ad campaign is one of the most effective business moves you can make since you likely won’t have all the time necessary running your PPC campaign.

Check out a few added benefits of choosing me as a PPC Expert for your business. For Instance, if you want your advertising campaign to become successful, it’s important to have extremely knowledgeable about PPC, how it works, and the most important the different strategies that are a part of an advertising campaign.

When you look for PPC Expert, you must avoid having to learn or train someone in PPC to save time, and you can just leave it to me, an Expert PPC Specialist!

It saves you time

When choosing me as a PPC expert, saves you tons of time.
Therefore, checking in on a campaign every daily basis while running a business can be difficult work, so why not call me to do it for you?

You get exactly what you’re after

If you’re looking to create Expert PPC ads, target specific keywords, target specific demographics, and start a remarketing campaign, I’m here to will help you.

I’m the one of the PPC Experts

As an Expert PPC Specialist, I am specialized in my marketing field. Therefore, when it comes to a PPC strategy it can easily improve the success of your business. In short, as an Expert in PPC services, Let me do the job for you.

No matter what digital marketing strategies you’re looking to use for your business. Also, I can help your business to drive results. Find the best PPC expert in the Philippines.

I’ll ensure that all your campaigns work well, whether it’s SEO, PPC, or even Web Design. After that, Let’s work together to drive results, and you’ll be a part of every step of the process.

If you’re looking for a PPC Specialist that will drive results. Always remember, I’m ready to help. Or you can find another PPC Expert that you can trust. Also, as an SEO Specialist, I’m committed to unleashing the full potential of your website. By harnessing my expertise in search engine algorithms and industry best practices, I navigate the dynamic SEO landscape, driving sustainable growth for your online presence.

In conclusion, you can contact me online for a free quote. In short, you can reach me at +63 997 468 3087.