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 Need to Hire an SEO Consultant to Grow your Business? Lucky, you found me! You probably need to hire an SEO expert/consultant for your company.

Over the last few years, I helped over 32 companies on their business journey because they hired me as their SEO expert or consultant for their business.

Richard Martin Linga

As an SEO Consultant; Here’s my Proposed SEO Timeline & Deliverables

I’ll provide you a timeline and deliverables you can expect when you work with me. Also, you can check my SEO Packages, Pricing & Rates in your SEO services’ needs. These timeline & deliverables are not specific to each client, but just a general overview of what’s included and covered in SEO services.

SEO Consulting the Timeline and Deliverables

Month 1 :

During the first month, I will focus on analysis, on-site optimization, and planning an SEO strategy that will help you achieve your desired outcomes or results.   


  • I will review your website, marketing strategy including sales strategy to get a better understanding of the SEO activities and tactics that are currently working and driving leads and revenue for your business.
  • By understanding your competition, I will get a better idea of how difficult it will be and how long it will take to increase your ranking. I will analyze your competitor’s organic traffic, keywords, backlinks, and strategy they made to gain and maintain their rankings. This will help me create the initial content for your site, which includes pages/posts about each of your products or services.
  • Next comes on-site SEO. I’ll review your site, Google Analytics, and Search Console and ahrefs.com data to create an action item list to improve your on-site SEO and conversions to get more leads.
  • I will create a plan and start writing posts and articles for content marketing and link building activities.
  • I will start an outreach campaign to find relevant sites where I can post articles with backlinks to your site.


  • Competitor’s analysis, including Keyword research and mapping for your pages (5 hours).
  • I will provide SEO audit with a list of improvements to your website (5 hours).
  • 2 hours of web development and to implement the SEO changes (2 hours).
  • Backlink profile report and analysis (1 hour).
  • Blogger outreach campaign and content creation for content marketing and link building (10 hours).
  • Relevant Unique backlinks (5 – 10 backlinks during the first month).
  • Up to 2 hours’ meetings to set goals, review progress and campaign details (2 hours).

Results During this time, the process is just getting started. It takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks for Google to re-index the pages with changes and improvements and update your rankings. Remember, the results will not happen overnight and you need to be patient.

Month 2 :

Continue optimizing and technical SEO improvements with updating the website based on the site audit results. In some cases, the website needs to be overhauled, existing pages re-written, and new pages created. My SEO packages only cover 2 hours of web development per month, which is usually enough to implement the recommended changes but not enough to redesign the entire site or pages. Link building activities will continue until the end of the campaign and I’ll aim to create 10 – 20 quality backlinks per month.  


Continue on SEO improvements to ensure to fix crawling errors, create new and update existing pages. Also, some of the other factors and tactics are:

  • Improving website loading page speed, optimizing images, gif or videos, adding caching.
  • Look for the other areas to improve your site to generate more leads & sales.
  • I’ll review your existing content, blog posts, articles, and secondary pages to find opportunities to add or update internal links.
  • Optimization for your homepage and services page or product pages. It requires small edits and sometimes I need to create new pages and re-write content to ensure it’s optimized for keywords.
  • Ongoing link building activities with high-quality links relevant to posts and articles on authoritative websites.
  • Creating a content calendar for your business based on the keywords research. I’ll perform keyword research with search traffic and provide guidelines for writing posts that will rank on the first page of Google and drive results to your site.


  • Additional SEO reports and analysis: internal links, technical SEO, list of suggested changes (5 hours).
  • Content calendar with blog topics that will drive traffic to your site (3 hours).
  • Content optimization for your website (2 hours).
  • Web development to implement the SEO changes (1 hour).
  • Blogger outreach, content writing, and links building activities through guest posts, link insertion, and skyscraper technique (20 hours).
  • Backlinks created for your pages and blog posts (10 – 20 backlinks).

As a result of the end of the second month, you should start seeing good improvements in your keywords ranking where most of the keywords rank on pages 6 – 8. At this stage, but it will not help you generate organic traffic as you are still far from the first page, however, you will start getting occasional leads and inquiries as people find you for long-tail keywords.  

Months 3 – 12 :

Now! Your website will be optimized, and let’s focus on link building activities and content creation for your blog to drive more traffic and gain more leads through content marketing. Your keywords ranking will continue to improve month per month with some months being slow (few positions improvements) and some months very positive improvements.


  • I will continue with SEO activities like content creation, home/service pages copy edits, technical optimization, and checking your overall website performance. Most of the on-page optimization will be done within the first 2 months and it will turn into an ongoing activity with a link building strategy.
  • I will provide you with one blog post every month to publish on your website in addition to the content you are already producing with your team. This will help get more content and pages optimized for informational keywords. And eventually, drive more targeted organic traffic to your site.
  • Ongoing link building activities with quality links on relevant sites, posts, or articles on authoritative websites.


  • Additional SEO reports and analysis: internal links, technical SEO, list of suggested changes (2 hours).
  • 1-2 blog posting for your website every month (5 hours).
  • Content optimization for your pages, especially for newly added blogs (1 hour).
  • Another Web development to implement the changes (1 hour).
  • Blogger outreach, content writing, and links building activities through guest posts (20 hours).
  • Quality backlinks created for your pages and blog posts (10 – 20 backlinks per month).

Results at the end of the third month, you will see big and positive movement in the ranking of your target keywords. This will continue to improve each month until you reach the first page of Google. It will take 4 to 6 months to start seeing results in your rankings. Also, your organic traffic and leads also start picking up within that months. Bear in mind that this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time.

I’m an SEO Specialist dedicated to unlocking your website’s true potential. With my extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms and industry best practices, I skillfully navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape, driving sustainable growth for your online presence.

At some point, once you reach the first page of your target keywords, you may see some results, and we will continue looking for other possible keywords to rank, SEO optimized pages, and opportunities to increase your traffic further. Contact me now!