Affordable SEO Services

Is SEO affordable? Simple! The Answer is YES! And if you’re looking for a partner and trusted SEO Expert, I’m here to help you. Want more about affordable and cheap SEO services, plus how to build a strategic plan for your SEO Marketing Strategy.

Richard Martin Linga

Affordable SEO Services in Philippines

In searching or looking for affordable SEO services, your team needs to have an understanding of what SEO is and what SEO isn’t. That’s why I will give you the top three facts to know about affordable SEO.

Affordable SEO has different marketing strategies

SEO is like an umbrella; it covers a range of strategies that a company or business uses to improve its visibility online so they can attract more potential customers and clients to their website. Website Copywriting, Web Design & Site Coding, Blogging, Link Building, and more all fall under SEO.

SEO is Simple & Affordable

Many internet marketers, talk about SEO like it’s some kind of legend. For example, it can bring success to a business. SEO is easy to apply, and it can work for anyone. The more you learn about SEO, whether by yourself or when researching an internet marketing company, you’ll realize that the processes are easy to understand. Even a brand-new startup business can afford to do SEO blog posts or add keyword-rich title tags. Therefore, his is cost-effective if you’re on a strict budget.

Affordable SEO must be professional and not keyword stuffing

Adding a lot of keywords to a webpage might have worked for SEO at one point, but not anymore. Today, User Experience is all matters at SEO. In other words, search engines like Google want to see that people enjoy what they’re reading on your site, and no one enjoys reading keyword after keyword.

With my affordable SEO services, it includes analyzing, researching, and understanding the keywords that users use to find your business so you can offer them a better user experience than your competitors. The more your users’ visits and like your site, the more Google will like and rank you.

Is SEO Services Affordable for Small Businesses?

Invest in SEO Services can’t Break your Company’s Budget

Spending too heavily on SEO can harm small companies, especially if you spend so much that you don’t have time for the SEO campaign to grow. You can always add more money to your budget as you grow. But you can’t take what you’ve spent back in your business.

That’s why your business should only invest in affordable SEO services. Expensive or not, outside your budget can take a massive risk.

Understand the SEO & How it Works

In SEO, You have to Track the Results

Your business can get measurable results with SEO, meaning you can easily track your SEO performance. You can see how your SEO optimization efforts work, certainly the results in leads, sales, and even website traffic. Your business, however, needs to have some tools to track your SEO performance.

For example, Google Analytics is one (free) way to monitor your SEO results or Website Traffic.

If you have now the budget, though, your team can invest in additional tools for greater insight into the performance of your SEO strategies like Ahrefs or SEMRush. You can even partner with an SEO services agency that offers marketing tools for this purpose.

With my expertise as an SEO Specialist, I’m dedicated to optimizing your website’s visibility, enabling it to shine amidst fierce competition. By staying up-to-date with search engine algorithms and industry best practices, I ensure sustainable growth for your online presence.

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Understand the SEO & How it Works

Companies new to SEO often misunderstand how SEO works for their business. No matter how much money you invest in optimizing your website, it will take time for results to show usually 6 months – 1 year.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to prepare a long-term budget that can cover at least six months of work. If you purchased low-cost or cheap SEO services like the cost is $150 or less per month, you won’t see the kind of results or ROI. Also, you wasted your time and opportunities for your business.

You have to Track the Results of affordable seo services

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable SEO Services?

In digital marketing, there are thousands of agencies that offer SEO services. However, you need to know and discover a distinct difference between agencies: those that provide affordable SEO services and those that promote cheap SEO services. Always remember, it has a difference.


With affordable SEO services, it will provide trusted services and measurable results to your business, as well as a reasonable price for your company. The affordability of an SEO service depends on your company and what the company’s needs, as well as your marketing budget.

If you’re a big company, for example, affordable SEO services may range from $5000 to $8000 per month. In comparison, a small to a medium-sized business may view an agency that offers monthly service rates of $500 to $1500 as affordable SEO. As a result, affordable SEO services, can provide you profitable sales, leads and organic ranking results.


Cheap SEO services offer your business low-cost, poor-performing SEO services that nobody like that for their company or business. When you purchased these services, you rarely receive a return on your investment. That’s because cheap SEO services skip the important components of a successful SEO strategy. For example, you don’t get a custom strategy with low-cost and cheap SEO services.

Instead, these SEO Strategies provide your business only with a copy-and-paste approach based on a template. For your business, the more important is to save time and get more results with SEO services, you must look for affordable SEO services, instead of cheap SEO services. Get more results for your business by investing in SEO services, not low-cost ones.