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I am Richard Martin Linga, SEO Expert in the Philippines. I’m responsible for developing SEO strategies used in marketing my clients’ businesses and helping grow their brand online. Call me at +63 997 468 3087.

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I will focus to improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your web-based operations. As a result, your site will rank higher in search results. See my SEO Packages & Rates. In addition, I value my clients and provide quality SEO services.


My PPC Services will provide & manage your advertising needs. Earn a positive ROI through my PPC services. I spend clients’ money wisely and use the most targeted and cost-effective form of advertising. My PPC services give results that help my clients achieve their business objectives.


Your site will be created largely with standard navigational links to enhance the site layout to make it engaging to the users and visitors of the website. Also, I will provide various compatible & customizable design sets and focus on creating a website to fit your brand while engaging your visitors.

My Skills

Technical Skills

SEO Management

Paid advertisement

html & css

website analysis

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    SEO Expert in the Philippines

    I’m working as an SEO Expert, and have 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field. I have thorough and in-depth knowledge in setting up, optimizing, and successfully running SEO and PPC Campaigns. Also, I have a strong ability to develop and understand marketing strategies at a big-picture campaign level. In other words, my key knowledge areas in marketing being an SEO expert are SEO, PPC, and SEM. Contact Me Now.

    As an Expert SEO Specialist, I believe that being a part of the online industry is a continuous learning process, because people acquire new skills and knowledge every day. My studies include SEO both On-page and Off-page, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, and Internet Product Branding.

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    About Me, As an SEO Expert

    I’ve developed my passion and career in Digital Marketing as an SEO link builder. Until my knowledge was expanded and became an SEO Specialist. After that, I improved my skill in SEO and PPC and become an expert. During my free time, I decided to start doing Freelance to run a full campaign of SEO and Paid Advertising.

    I’ve acquired the skills to create SEO marketing strategies to help promote the company’s website. I can promote your business to captures the visitor’s attention and makes them want to learn more about your company. I’m not providing full-fledged digital marketing services. However, I can do web design and development. Also, I can do consumer research to find out more about the targeted audience. In conclusion, let us promote your company with various methods such as Paid and Organic campaigns. See my SEO Packages & Pricing.

    Analysis of seo expert

    Affordable SEO Solutions

    An SEO Expert that provides SEO marketing services that give visible and effective search presence leading your online success. In addition, I will provide SEO solutions that help you improve your rankings.

    Effective & Results Driven

    With my SEO Marketing strategies as an SEO Expert, it will give you a proven search appearance leading to a considerable increase in sales. Also, you can even compete for the highest rankings in search results.

    Increase your ROI

    I’m an SEO Expert that will help you to earn a positive ROI. SEO is extremely cost-effective, offering positive results of ROI. In addition, I deliver results that will help my clients achieve their business objectives.

    Tracking & Reports

    With 5+ years of extensive experience as an Expert in Marketing including SEO, SEM, and WordPress Web Development. Therefore, I have a proven track record of results, improving and increasing leads for my clients.

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    Starting SEO



    I’ll be your personal SEO consultant, write content, do SEO On-Page and build backlinks.

    For companies with small marketing budgets that want to develop SEO and content marketing strategies, improve keywords rankings, organic traffic and learn how to use SEO to generate leads.

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    Advanced SEO



    I provide SEO On-Page, Backlinks and content to rank for low to medium competitive keywords.

    For companies that are looking for comprehensive SEO services and quality link building to rank on the first page for low to medium competitive keywords.

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    Maximize SEO



    Full-scale SEO campaign for highly competitive keywords and industries that require powerful backlinks.

    For the companies that are looking to compete in highly competitive industries and keywords and generate 6 to 8 figure revenue with SEO marketing strategy and plan.

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    Featured Work

    Responsibilities of an SEO Expert

    Being an SEO Expert, I’m responsible to analyze and implement the changes to websites, so they are optimized and get rank on search engines. During analyzing your website, I maximize traffic by improving page rank within search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In short, make your website show up at the top of the search engine results.

    For example, as an expert SEO specialist, I’m in-charged of several responsibilities, depending on the company and industry. Whether working as an SEO Expert, as an SEO freelancer, or within a marketing company must have a task list. Therefore, every SEO expert must have important skills to do their job. In conclusion, having a task list is important in the success of SEO. Below is my key to enhance visibility and to build traffic to the website.

    Tasks List of an SEO Expert

    • Website Analysis – Keywords, backlinks, formatting, and content are important areas. Also, I consider redesigning and rebuild a website.
    • Keyword Optimization – I’ll perform keyword research. Also, I will find and analyze actual search terms that most people search related to your business.
    • Content Management – As an expert SEO specialist, I will develop content to include keywords or phrases to increase traffic to the website. After that, I will prioritize and develop relevant and engaging content.
    • On-Page SEO – Certainly, this SEO strategy focuses on optimizing elements on your websites. These include such as meta titles & descriptions, page speed, robots, sitemaps, and more.
    • Information Technology Skills (Coding) – Being an expert SEO specialist, must have a strong background in HTML, Basic CSS, and other programming languages. Also, I’m familiar with a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.
    • Off-Page SEO – Most importantly, this is the optimization that improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. In short, getting a Backlinks.
    • Client Management – As an expert SEO specialist, I must maintain a working knowledge of my employer’s or client’s objectives. First of all, any changes to the site must conform to the business strategy of the site owner.
    • Analytical Processing – I have the ability to analyze problems, find appropriate resources, and develop solutions for the website’s improvement. Certainly, this is an important skill of being an expert SEO specialist.

    Hire the best Freelance SEO specialist who can bring success to your business. You can Hire me as a Freelance SEO Specialist for your business. In other words, you can hire me.

    Benefits of Hiring an SEO Expert in Philippines vs. Agency

    Hiring an SEO Expert is the best option for business and company owners. An SEO Expert knows a particular industry particularly well and keeps up to date on the latest strategies, tactics, and even SEO trends. I’m an independent SEO Expert and can work directly with you. In addition, with SEO experts usually, you can save 45% of the cost of having an employee on your team. Since you are looking for an SEO expert for a specific project based on their skills, they are also generally more experienced than full-time SEO.

    There are many reasons to hire an SEO Expert. Above all, it keeps your business grow. I’ll start by telling you why you should hire an SEO Expert. After that, I’ll tell you why you should hire one. In other words, you can hire me.

    Why Hire an SEO Expert in Philippines?

    • Professional SEO experts have more experience than an SEO specialist you can find on the job market. Therefore, SEO Expert works with multiple companies or projects and they provide different SEO strategies. Also, budgeting methods, SEO marketing tactics, and sales data to build and execute your SEO plan to deliver the best results.
    • SEO experts provide their level of SEO services, the same as you would expect from other employees. They become trusted Specialists that provide unique perspectives. However, the challenge assumed a strategy to reach your target and to avoid missed opportunities.
    • SEO experts are not treated as employees, and you will save around 40% of your budget. In addition, you’re not having to cover payroll taxes, medical insurance, paid vacations, stationary holidays, and sick leave pay.
    • Having an SEO expert, it’s much easier to budget. That’s why, plan and negotiate your contract with an SEO marketer than hiring an employee.

    Who I work with, as an SEO Expert

    Business Owners and Executives

    If you have an established Company whether it’s a well-funded Business or not, you need help with building or optimizing your SEO strategy, As a result, it will drive sales and increase leads to your business. Besides, I can work with you as your SEO Expert guy.


    I work with clients whether it’s an agency-side or in marketers-side who are looking to improve their marketing and lead generation. Also, I can consult your team and can execute SEO campaigns for you. In conclusion, once you work with me, I can bring success to your business.


    Working History

    RingRing Marketing
    (2022 – Present)

    On-Page SEO Specialist

    Planning and executing search engine optimization campaigns, which include new SEO trends and on-page SEO processes on a day-to-day basis.

    Siegreich Solutions Inc.

    Senior SEO Executive

    • Managing full Campaign for SEO Services strategies. •  Paid Advertising (PPC): Paid Search Analyst. • Also WordPress Front-End Developer.

    JRooz Review Center Inc.
    November 14, 2016 – September 14, 2018

    Expert SEO Specialist

    • Perform keyword research in specific business client objectives or websites to optimize existing content and uncover new strategies. • Also, provide SEO analysis and recommendations in every structure of website and web pages.

    VAG IT Solutions

    SEO Link Builder

    Practicing SEO off-page as a Link Builder, we’re doing mostly about internet advertising such as Local Directories, Social Bookmark, and some short services in SEO Off-page link video Submission, Article Submission, and more.

    2016 – Present

    Freelance SEO Expert

    Performing freelance SEO activities to help international clients to grow their business. Also, I have in-depth knowledge of SEO, setting up, optimizing, and successfully running a full campaign for SEO services.

    How Does SEO Work?

    Search Engine Optimization, in short, SEO. Certainly, the process of optimizing your website to get organic search results in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    The Search Engine has three primary functions:

    1.  Crawl – The discovery process in which search engines send out a team of robots to find new and updated content. Types of Content — it could be a webpage, an image, a video, or a PDF, etc. regardless of what are the formats and layouts, content is discovered by links.
    2.  Index – it’s storing and organizing the data also content found during the crawling process. Once a page has been indexed, it’s in the running to be displayed as a result of relevant queries in search. In short, your website is getting ranking in Google.
    3.  Rank – Provide the result of the content that will best answer a user’s query or search, which means that results are ordered from most relevant to least relevant. However, search engines have always wanted to provide useful answers to searcher’s questions in the most helpful formats.

    Qualification of an SEO Expert

    1. SEO Expert knows how to make the website show up at the top of the search engine results.

    2. Expert SEO specialists know that Google and other search engine are placing increasing value on quality content.

    3. An SEO expert will analyze websites for improvements, especially On-page and Off-page, understand SEO content & quality copywriting.

    4. SEO expert understands the basic HTML & CSS for designing, and most importantly adding tracking codes for websites.

    5. Being an SEO Expert, is not typical of the builders of the website, but is more often a consulting authority.


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    How to Become an SEO Expert

    Learn how Search Engines Work

    Google’s index contains billions of web pages, which is built primarily from crawling and also indexing the web.

    How Do I Rank Websites on the First Page of Google? – go to my Blogs.

    For example, when you type a search query into Google or any search engine, it pulls all matching pages.

    Certainly, because there are often billions of relevant results from most relevant to least relevant. Google’s algorithm then ranks them based on SEO factors. However, nobody knows what all of these factors are or how they’re weighted, but SEO Experts do know some.

    optimized by SEO expert

    Master the Basic of SEO

    SEO is like a puzzle with multiple pieces. However, understanding how they fit together is required knowledge for any industry to become an SEO Expert.

    Basics of SEO are:

    Keyword research – Keyword research involves finding relevant keywords and also search terms that people are typing into search engines like Google.

    On-page SEO – is the process of optimizing web pages to help improve rankings and attract organic traffic from search engines.

    Link building – is the process of acquiring quality backlinks from different websites. Also, to help improve rankings and increase organic traffic.

    Technical SEO – is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can crawl and index your content, and also visitors have a positive user experience.

    created a website from seo expert

    Never Stop Learning

    SEO moves fast. However, Google never stops making algorithm updates.

    Although many of these updates give you a good idea of how fast “best practices” in SEO changes. Expert in SEO said, trying to keep an eye on every change in Google makes is likely to be an effort in futility, so it’s better to stay focused on the SEO fundamentals.

    In other words, rather than chasing the algorithm in SEO updates, chase what the algorithm is trying to do: Also, always provide the best and most relevant and quality content to users.

    In addition, follow the experts to expand your opportunities and stay on top of valuable new SEO strategies

    • Attend SEO Conferences;
    • Connect with SEO Experts on LinkedIn;
    • Follow SEO Experts on Twitter;
    • Join SEO communities;
    • Join SEO Facebook Groups;
    • Read SEO Blogs;
    • Watch SEO Videos;
    • Listen to Podcasts

    Choose the ones that most really helpful to you, but don’t go overboard. After that, follow the principle that spends 80% of your time doing and 20% of your time learning.

    how to become an SEO expert

    Understand the 3 Key Ranking Factors

    Lots of people get bogged down optimizing for ranking factors that aren’t all that critical. So before you start obsessing over page speed or meta title or tags, as an SEO Expert make sure you’re on top of the three big ones.

    Firstly, Relevancy, is how well your page matches the search query in a Search Engine.

    Secondly, Authority, this largely impacts the number of quality backlinks.

    And Lastly, Utility, Google aims to show the better result in a position in the Search Results Page.

    basic seo from seo expert

    Start a website

    To become an SEO expert, start creating your Website, all you need to do is:

    • Choose a topic you’re passionate about;
    • Buy a domain and hosting;
    • Put up a basic website;
    • Start creating content
      After that, put your SEO knowledge into practice by optimizing your content, building some links, and making sure that your site is technically sound from an SEO perspective and become an SEO expert.

    No one will teach you about SEO other than doing this. However, this takes time, and nothing takes more time than writing your content. So, if you have the budget to do so, there’s no shame in outsourcing the content. Therefore, just make sure to give your dedicated writer clear instructions so that what they produce is optimized and quality content for ranking.

    continue to learn as seo expert

    As an SEO Expert, be Patient

    Becoming an SEO expert is not an easy process to get results.

    So, don’t feel bad if your content doesn’t reach the first page in the first couple of weeks, it’s natural.

    However, if you create good content, optimize your pages, follow keyword research with best practices, and build enough high-quality backlinks, your pages will eventually start to rank. In short, you can reach the first page.


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